Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The romance of life

It has been a busy and glorious fall! My education this year, as I said previously, has been exceptional because I get to study God's word as a large part of it. I've been busy with a million other things besides school though. And I thought fall would mean the start of life being more quiet and settled - ha! Somehow life has managed to fill itself up with friends, events, appointments, etc. We visited my brothers in Kentucky a couple of weeks ago, and it was delightful. Most of our time was also spent with the Neffs, our friends who live a couple of blocks away from Erik and Cody. They have a son and three daughters and our families have a BLAST together! We only stayed for a weekend but we crammed in lots of talking, laughing, taking walks, playing games, and a variety of other wonderful things, just enjoying each others' company. I miss everyone and can't wait to see them again. :)

As of yesterday, there are 8 weeks until the week of Thanksgiving. That should mean 8 weeks of peacefully spending my days studying and learning, sorting the closets full of clutter that have crept up on us, and attempting to get enough rest and rhythm to life to regain my sanity. I've brainstormed up yet another new schedule for my daily life (yes, I'm quite the planner) and though this is only day 2, it seems to be working very smoothly and hopefully will continue to do so for the next 8 weeks. I love it when life follows the peaceful cadence of happy home life.

The weather here is simply indescribable. New York is definitely at it's best in September, in my opinion. It's getting very cold, but the sunshine is so bright and strong that every afternoon it's perfect for taking a brisk walk. The sky is a deep blue that isn't seen the rest of the year, and the evening sun casts a lovely autumn gold over all of the greens, reds, oranges, yellows, browns, and purples of our country homestead. It's the kind of weather that inspires songs, poems, and prayers.

It's little things like these - weather, home, friendships, family, work, school, and everything we do and have - that make life romantic. And you know what? I think I'll go enjoy the romance of life right now!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Every good and perfect gift

There are many times in life when God gives us things we don't want because they are better for us than what we do want. In fact, I think we all recognize that this happens multiple times every day, and sometimes seems to be continual for seasons of times. But every now and then He gives us a ton of little, wonderful blessings and makes lie just what we want. These interludes are rare, but that's why they are so incredible. I want to praise and thank my Lord and Lover for giving me all of the little things I have been desiring lately! Like...
~My bedroom. It's so pretty! I have a pretty quilt and lots of nice decorations, and it feels so relaxing and refreshing to walk into my little haven! Of course, it's not all that great really, (I never got around to redoing my room this year - the quilt is one I had when I was a little girl, the decorations are mostly garage sale trinkets) but it's still beautiful and I'm so thankful.
~Good food. We purchased "Fruit and Vegetable Share" with a local organic farm this year, and each week we get TONS of fruit and veggies - so delicious and healthy, and mom and I get to spend lots of time in the kitchen together preserving them.
~School. This year I get to spend most of my time reading theology, scripture, Christian books, and listening to incredible sermons! How cool is that?!
~The weather. As I have said, (probably too many times!) I LOVE autumn weather. The sky is intensely blue with brilliant white clouds doused in bright sunlight. The leaves are still richly green, interspersed with hues of red, orange, and yellow. Each morning the soft grass is covered in sparkling frost that melts into dew. When it rains, it pours torrents of cool drops to refresh the earth. The air is cold and crisp. Ahh I could go on... but I won't.
~Recreation. I've been able to do a lot of the things I love to do lately - bake, cook, clean, (I know that doesn't sound like recreation to some!) watch good movies, read books, journal, talk on the phone, visit friends, and so many other nice things.

Most of all, though, what delights my soul is that the holy, terrifying, worthy, perfect God of all creation has become my intimate friend and lover, and sees me as perfect through the righteousness of His Son. He answers my prayers and speaks to me through His word. He is so good, I can't fathom it!

I know that as life goes on, God will mercifully give me seasons of discomfort and not getting my own way, to sanctify me. I know I will not always be in sweet closeness with God, I'll stumble and fall and have to be picked up again. But I'm not sad to know that life won't always be this perfect. I'm just amazed that He would see fit to give me even a short time so sweet as this. <3 p="p">

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


School at last! I'm usually pretty excited to start a new school year, even though summer is delightful and I never entirely want it to end. I started my SENIOR YEAR (How exciting!) yesterday and so far it's going very well. It's been a bit of a challenge to give up sleeping in, having a lot of leisure time, and not having to think to hard unless I chose to, but it's all excellent for my character and I enjoy it, too.

So here is a little look at a day in the life of me right now:
It's 6:55. A catchy ringtone alarm on my cell phone startles me awake, and I sneak downstairs in an attempt to not wake up my brother. After grabbing a snack and a glass of water, and donning some work-out clothing, I excercise for half an hour, then of course shower and gorge on whatever looks good try to have a healthy breakfast (since it is better breakfast month!). If I didn't dawdle around, I should have about an hour to spend with the Lord, reading my Daily Bible, a passage from Philippians, and a few pages of Stepping Heavenward, and some prayer time. At 9:00 I either spend the morning doing chores or working on preserving vegetables with my mom, or else start school and do chores in the afternoon.

At any rate, I do some of those chores and some school, somewhere amidst the day. Since it is my last year, I don't have many real classes left, so I have the privilege of reading a systematic theology book (it is so huge - I don't know if I'll ever finish it!) and studying to obtain my certification as a biblical counselor with NANC. (Soon I'll have to start writing essays... ohh that's the scary part.) Also, I am still learning Spanish and piano, which are lots of fun. In a couple of weeks I will be starting my history class and physics. But over all, I don't have too much school to do and I have time for homemaking, journaling, drawing, phone calls, friends, and other misc. blessings.

I am just SO excited about this school year!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Holidays... in September!

Happy September everyone! It is official fall in my book. :) So, did you know that (according to a website I found) September is:
  • Classical Music Month
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Fall Hat Month
  • International Square Dancing Month
  • National Blueberry Popsicle Month
  • National Courtesy Month
  • National Piano Month
  • Chicken Month
  • Baby Safety Month
  • Little League Month
  • Honey Month
  • Self Improvement Month
  • Better Breakfast Month 
So here is what I'm hoping to do this month:
~ Listen to some of the collection of classical music CD's I own
~ Write letters to my wonderful Hispanic friends in Arizona
~ Wear some cute, cozy hats (I do so like hats!!)
~ Re-read a lovely little book I have about etiquette, courtesy, and manners
~ Play piano, as always!! :) And listen to piano music - I have a couple of CD's of just piano music, too
~ Eat chicken! We have some in the fridge right now :)
~ Have honey in my tea (whenever I drink it, which isn't often) instead of sugar
~ Re-listen to all the Paul Washer sermons on my iPod, so as to grow spiritually, which is the best way to improve oneself
~ Eat healthy breakfasts more often

Yes, there are a few of those I'm skipping because I don't know how to celebrate them.

The neat thing is that I have been wanting to do some of these things anyway! It is going to be a good month, I can tell already. And, each day there are special days to celebrate. You can look at them on this website. I love any opportunity there is to celebrate and have fun!