Thursday, June 20, 2013

Super Summer Stuff!

Over the past few weeks, I have done a lot of writing for my counseling training. Consequently, I haven’t felt like posting on here for a while because it seemed like too much work. I didn’t have any fun ideas of what to write about. But then I was reading my friend’s blog, Got Crackers? They had a post titled: Things We’ve Never Done… But Want To. That reminded me of how much I enjoy making such lists, so I decided to share with you a list I have been forming of things I want to (or wish I could) do this summer. So here ya go!

~ Go to camp (I’m going to Lamoka in 2 and a half weeks!)
~ Go to Darien Lake or Fantasy Island (two amusement parks near-ish us)
~ Visit botanical gardens
~ Spend a day at the zoo
~ Have a picnic
~ Hike at Letchworth State Park
~ Go to Niagara Falls
~ Go whitewater rafting at Letchworth
~ Fully enjoy the county fair in August (normally we only go for a couple hours and don’t get to see or do much)
~ Go horseback riding… and maybe actually go faster than a sloooow walk! :)
~ Go to the Corning Museum of Glass again before I turn 18 and have to pay to get in
~ Have my graduation/18th birthday party! Woo-hoo!
~ Go to parade on July 4th
~ And let's not forget fireworks!

Hopefully I will be able to do at least a few things from this list. And I can wish for the rest. :) What fun adventures do you hope to have this summer?