Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hey from Arizona!

Hello from Arizona! I could make this post really long, but I don't have the time or the brains to right now. I'll tell some highlights.

I'm working with Minor League baseball players from the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians most weekdays, teaching them English. Most of them are from the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Taiwan. It's fun and sometimes kind of crazy, and I've gotten a chance to witness to the Taiwanese translator! PLEASE pray for him - he and his wife have heard the whole gospel, are seeking to read the Bible, and need the Holy Spirit to regenerate them and enlighten the eyes of their heart. I have also gotten close with the Marquez family, and I will miss them a lot when I leave! It is hot here, and I'm not used to city life. At all. I did not realize what I country girl I was until I came here! I miss my green, scenic, peaceful home and life, and friends and church. But I love the people here, too! My Spanish is improving and I have made friends in the church.

It is time for me to go now, so adios!