Friday, August 31, 2012

Pain has purpose

"Man has a claim on God, a divine claim for any pain, want, disappointment, or misery that will help to make him what he ought to be. He has a claim to be punished, and to be spared not one pang that may urge him toward repentance; yea, he has a claim to be compelled to repent; to be hedged in on every side, to have one after another of the strong, sharp-toothed sheep dogs of the Great Shepherd sent after him, to thwart him in any desire, foil him in any plan, frustrate him in any hope, until he comes to see at length that nothing will ease his pain, nothing make life a thing worth having, but the presence of the living God within him; that nothing that nothing is good but the will of God; nothing noble enough for the desire of the heart of man but oneness with the eternal. For this God must make him yield his entire being, that He himself may enter in and dwell with Him."
~George MacDonald

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Ahh it has been an amazing summer. And a VERY busy one, too! I've been so busy that I basically dropped out of the blogging world without any warning - and I am sorry for that. I missed it a lot! But now, after a month in Arizona, a week at Teen Leadership Conference, a week with my brothers home, and who knows what else making life crazy in between each of those, life is beginning to wind down.

Having had such a full summer, I couldn't even hope to tell you everything that has happened. But I will tell you that it was amazing. I learned a lot, and changed dramatically. I never knew one summer could change a person so much! And, I'm left with hundreds of pictures and memories to cherish.

But now - moving onward, looking forward! My favorite season is approaching! Just the mention of the words "fall," "autumn," and "September" give me such excitement! So here are some things I've noticed (and like) about this end-of-summer sort of time.
~The school year is about to begin.
~The adventures of summer are becoming fond memories.
~There pace of life slows down.
~Homeschool families are lesson-planning, buying curriculum, and getting energized for the new year.
~The leaves are changing.
~The weather, the changes, and the "ending, but beginning" feeling make me more thoughtful.
~The weather's getting cooler.
~The color scheme of the wildflowers has switched to deep purples, oranges, and golds.
~I can wear jeans, long skirts, hoodies and sweaters again.
~The harvest inspires delicious baking.
~I can't wait to get back to the books.
~I get to enjoy keeping the home, cooking, baking, etc.

Oh, I can just feel it in the air! And it feels good :)  Happy autumn, everyone!

Sunset near our house - taken by Cody Lutz