Saturday, February 23, 2013

Peace in the storm

It's been a busy couple of weeks. Between my counseling course, music lessons/practice, school,, and attempting maintain some sort of a social life, I haven't had much time for blogging. Then, throw influenza into the mix, and life is REALLY overwhelming!

Last Thursday (Valentine's Day) I had three piano lessons - my regular lesson, a lesson I teach, and a practice/lesson with Pastor for Sunday (I'm learning to play off of chord sheets! It's so exciting!!). Friday was full of school, of course, and ended with Bible study, which always one of the highlights of my week. And finally on Saturday I went to chiropractor appointment at eight a.m., then went to counseling class, and had just an hour at home for lunch and a much needed phone conversation with Erik. We were quickly out the door again for a baby shower for one of my closest friends from church (her little girl is due march 29th - yay!), and afterward spent the evening with a friend.Talk about busy! I think all the busyness took a toll on my immune system, because by Monday I was totally incapacitated with the flu. I haven't gotten the flu in a long time, so I had forgotten how awful it is. I was so exhausted I couldn't even watch TV. I could do nothing but lie still, yet I was to achy to sleep. It was especially agonizing for me because I am an on-the-go person who doesn't like to do nothing. For three days I lay in my feverish suffering, and then things started to look up on Thursday. I couldn't go to music lessons yet, but at least I could sit up and do school part of the day. And then by yesterday, I was quite well, and by evening I was able to go to my church's Christian school to watch the girls' basketball teams last home game, and go from there to Bible study. I was blessed with an amazing, long, deep heart-to-heart with Katy, who hosts the Bible study in her home. It was a late night, and I slept until ten this morning. And now finally, after all the chaos, I'm able to catch up on blogging.

So that is my narrative of the past two weeks of my life, for any of my friends who want to know. I also have lots of things on my mind and heart that are either too personal ans weighty or too hard to express. But they are not all burdens; there are also many blessings and exciting lessons filling my heart. God is so good, and he never lets go of me. I'm in awe of that. Life has been somewhat stormy lately, but I have peace in it. Even if I am inadequate, and failing, getting behind in my school, not playing piano in church, and continuing to fail and sin and hurt people daily, HE is sufficient. His grace is sufficient, and His strength is perfect in weakness. I have peace. And I am so blessed!

I love you all; have a blessed sabbath!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Life is Beautiful

My mind is full of thoughts - happy thoughts and random thoughts, mostly.

I'm sitting at my kitchen table with my laptop, and the house is quiet. The sounds I hear are the quiet buzz of my computer, the wind chimes on the front porch twinkling lightly, the chattering of my fingers typing quickly, and the woodstove in the back room.

Mom and Dad are visiting my brothers for the weekend, so Zach and I are on our own. It's very quiet, but so far I don't mind. It's peaceful.

There's snow pouring down outside, and it looks beautiful. I have an intense delight in all of nature - it is so beautiful and refreshing. I can't imagine living in the city, separated from all of God' glorious natural creations! I'd rather be outside than inside any day.

Last night I made chocolate chip brownies that taste incredible.

I have so many good friends - old and new, near and far, kindred spirits and friendly acquaintances, all of whom I am very thankful for. I never cease to be amazed at how blessed I am to have so many wonderful people in my life.

My piano teacher is in India on a missions trip, so I am playing the piano in church for the next month. It's a big stretch and at first I didn't want to do it. I am reading about Moses in my devotions, though, and how he refused to do something that God placed in his lap and really missed out. I don't want to be that way. So, if the Holy Spirit can speak through our mouths, I'm sure he can play through my hands. I'm excited at another opportunity to grow up and accept responsibility!

I love reading and writing and thinking. It seems my desire for these things is insatiable!

I also love people. And I love animals. They are just fabulous.

I think pretty much, I just love life. It's so wonderful! Without Christ, I truly could not enjoy any of these things because they would have no purpose and I would be wracked with fear and despair. But with him at my side, life truly is beautiful.

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