Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pefect timing :)

Ahh... I just have to tell you all that our God is AMAZING! He does everything perfectly in his time. I have been learning that lately. For example, one of the bindings on my snowboard broke last Thursday. If I don't get it fixed, that means I'm done snowboarding. Getting it fixed, however, is expensive. Sounds like a no-win situation, right? Well, as it turns out, it's most definitely not! I still have one functioning binding, and the other one kind of functions. I can still use it on small hills, like the one at the town park or the bunny slope at Kissing Bridge. It's harder, though, because if I'm not careful, my foot will slip out of the binding. Yesterday I went to the town park, which has a great sledding hill, to meet one of my good friends whom I haven't seen in a long time. She has a snowboard and wants to learn to ride, so I was going to teach her the basics. We spent several hours and had a lot of fun. Then we got an idea... what if she could come to KB with me? After looking up the details, we decided it would be a great idea! So, she's coming snowboarding with our family at KB tomorrow and the staying overnight. It's going to be so awesome! The fact that my snowboard binding broke actual provides a new challenge for me. If it hadn't broke, it would be really easy for me to be on the bunny hill. Since it did, though, it will be fun and challenging to go on the bunny hill, AND I get to spend the day hanging out with a friend!! We're both really excited!

I probably could ramble on about hundreds of other things, but I won't ;) God is so awesome... in so many ways! I knew my binding would break eventually, (it was in lousy condition) but I was hoping it wouldn't be this year. God timed it perfectly though! Pretty cool! :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


So... I'm taking the challenge. No desserts/sweets/sugary foods for one month! I'm not trying to lose weight or anything, I just though I'd challenge myself. I'm starting tomorrow - Feb. 7. My friend Katy is doing it too, except she started yesterday. Anyone else want to do it with me? This is going to be really hard for me... but I'm gonna do it!

So for a month I won't eat this-->

.........Or this.....

Neither of these, and nothing of their sort... yeah, you're getting hungry just looking at it, huh?

It might be a long month, but I know I can do it! And, it will be a good way for me to practice self control. Wish me luck! :D

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An AMAZING weekend!!

So, this past weekend I went to snow camp and it was amazing!! We got there Friday at 7 PM for registration, then after some games and unpacking and stuff we went roller skating. It was super fun... tons of people, friends, and fun. There were lots of "special skates," like limbo, couples' skates, backwards skate, all girls skate, etc. that were lots of fun. We got back from roller skating at about 2 AM and we were all sooo tired! The next day there was lots of fun stuff like laser tron, rock wall climbing, karaoke, games, dodge ball, and (my favorite) free time! I loved free time because we would just sit around and talk, or play ping pong, or something else like that. The chapel sessions excellent. During the first chapel session a lot of people made professions of faith. One of them was my friend Lynne! I had just met her at that point, but we got to be really good friends by the end of the weekend! I'm so thankful for her! My favorite chapel session was on Sunday morning. They gave us 15 minutes of just being still and being with God. I read some scripture from 1 John, and prayed, and it was extraordinarily good. They gave us a few minutes to go around the chapel and pray with people - even people we've never met. That was really cool... realizing that even though we don't even know each other, we have something in common - our love for Christ. I think I prayed with 3 or 4 people, and it was a huge blessing to me. Sunday was fun - we had the "Donut Classic," which is a race that involves a lot of people and obstacles and a tray of donuts. It was so fun! The goal was to be the first team to go through the race ad eat all of your donuts, which were shot out into the mob by 3-man slingshots. We didn't win, but it was really fun. :) Lunch was pretty fun that day... we were all SO overtired and crazy - especially our youth leaders! We kind of had a food fight... it was so funny! Everyone in the dining hall was staring at our table. :) After all of that we had to clean our cabins and say goodbye. :'( I miss everyone so much already! All in all it was an AMAZING weekend! I hope I get to back next year! :)